3 Online Classes For Zumba Workouts Right From Your Home

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Zumba workouts are the best way to tone your body at home in a fun way. With your favorite music, fun dance, and workout moves, that will make you sweat out those extra calories from your body. The best part about Zumba workouts is that you don’t need any extra equipment; just music, sweat pants, and strong will is enough. 

Being stuck at home is a boon for people who could not manage time for hitting gyms, classes for dance, or Zumba workouts even online. The time you use to travel to offices, work, college, or whatever you can spend on Zumba workouts and live an active lifestyle even being at home. 

3 Online Zumba Workouts Classes

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There are paid as well as free Zumba workout sessions available online. If you want specialized live Zumba workouts every day, go for the paid ones. Otherwise, free videos on YouTube have the same content.

Strong Nation

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If you are someone who enjoys the HIIT workout style, Zumba offers a version of that which is STRONG by Zumba workouts. This YouTube channel has many certified instructions that will offer you Zumba workouts for 7, 20, and 30 minutes. 

No matter if you consider yourself a HIIT master looking to do Zumba workouts for an hour or a beginner getting started and might not make it through only 7 minutes of Zumba workouts. You have plenty of options along with that like you can join a local workout center after everything opens. 

Popsugar Fitness

Popsugar is another Zumba workout fitness YouTube channel. If you have been following them, you know that they regularly put new Zumba workout fitness videos on their channel. One of their many specialties is a dance workout. That’s why you will find plenty of Zumba workouts and dance-style videos for yourself.

Popsugar fitness has many dance forms that emerged with Zumba workouts like hip-shaking Latin dance and, to break it down, some hip hop. If you can’t take an hour-long class, there are also 15 minutes videos you can attend. 

Zumba With Dovydas

Instructor of Zumba with Dovydas has been going to Zumba workouts since 2011. Apart from private classes, he also put Zumba workouts routine videos on YouTube for people to learn from home. His expertise is that he has nearly created Zumba workouts routines for every type of music. 

Not only this, but he also has other kid-friendly routines as well. He is an extremely great option for you if you want your whole family to be active. You can add one of his kid’s Zumba routines to your playlist, and your whole family is engaged for one hour of the Zumba workout routine. 


Zumba workouts are great for your cardiovascular system and give you some new dance moves with them. Especially if you have a smaller space where you need a cardio workout, Zumba is an option for that to pick. Pick one instructor, and you are ready to go. 

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