7 Minute Workout Session – What To Do So It Works

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Workout sessions in spinning classes are trendy because it gives fast and much efficient and effective result. An exercise plan can be beneficial when for Bootcamp workouts. Every exercise should be designed in such a way to give you the most effective fat burning exercises and simultaneously give you a toned figure. People do that in spinning classes. When the question comes how to workout, then you can refer to the below-listed is the exercises in a 7-minute workout session.

7 Minute Workout Session - What To Do So It Works
7 Minute Workout Session – What To Do So It Works

7 Minute Workout Session In Spinning Class

Jumping Jack: It is a jump feet open and close workout and is a gym basic. You possibly know it.

Wall Sit: Place your back on the wall, stay in a half-squat position with a 90-degree angle. Make sure the low back is pressed against the wall.

Pushup: Put your hands apart and broader than your shoulders at equal distance, rise onto your toes. Bend your elbows and bring down your chest towards the floor. Now, complete ten push-ups.

Crunches: Same as the flutter kick position. Only you have to keep legs and arms straight. Lift your both legs towards the ceiling and point your hands towards your toes. 

Step-up: Face a chair or stool and lift one foot and place it on the seat and then stand upon it. Do the same for the other leg as well.

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Squat: This position is similar to sitting in a chair. Position yourself in the sitting stance, stretch your hands outwards, and hold this for at least 5-10 seconds. The squats technique is an overall gold for weightlifting. The squats work your legs, back, abs, and even your shoulders and arms. Learning the correct technique is essential for avoiding damage to your knee and back. Also, do not do partial squats, always go down, so your hip is below the knee level.

Triceps Dips: Have your hands on a stool, face the other side. Now, do a squat like position with your hands behind you pressurizing on the seat.

Planks: It is more like a pushup but with your elbow pressing the ground as well.

High Knees: Stand tall and make sure the feet hip-width is proper. Use the lower abs to lift and lower one knee, just like running.

Lunge: Stand with hands on your hip and the feet together. Move forward around 3 feet, slightly bending your knee. 

7 Minute Workout Session - What To Do So It Works
7 Minute Workout Session – What To Do So It Works

Push-up with Rotation: Start with a high plank and then make sure the lower body is pressed back off to perform the push-up. Now, shift weight to the left arm and rotate the body to the left side, return to the position and start again.

Side Plank: Lie down on one side, and the legs and feet must be stacked on each other, now lift your hips and the rest of the body and elbow down. The for a must be pressing the ground to keep the torso and hips in line. 


If you want to add to the 7-minute workout session before your spinning class, you can start jogging or running. You don’t have to do long runs. Playing a shuttle or tennis will provide you more flexibility and more swiftness. You can mark a 10m distance or 20m. You have to run to the other end, touch the floor, and quickly return to the starting point. 

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