Advance Gym workout for the Perfect Triceps

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Working out regularly in the gym is the best thing you can do to stay fit. Generally, during the workout, you focus on different exercises, including the biceps, triceps, chest, and shoulders. Among them, the triceps give the perfect shape to the arms, which is essential to be in the ideal shape.

Try out the below triceps workout, which will give you the perfect cuts to your hand, and give an attractive look. If you are not having the perfect triceps cuts, then it might not give you a good look.

Try out the below exercises which will give the perfect cut to your triceps.

Close Grip Bench Press 

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Close Grip bench press is a chest workout, but the close grip will help you build up strong triceps.

Use a close grip and keep your hands around 8 to 10 inches apart. Now, slowly tuck the arms, which will give the deep stress on your pecs and shoulders and demand more on your triceps. This is where you get the perfect share of the triceps.

Repeat this entire workout for 3 to 4 sets of 6 to 10 repeats. If you do the heavy set, make sure you have someone to support you at the back. This exercise will give your triceps the perfect shape and the perfect look.

Triceps dips

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Dips are never easy, let it be chest dip or the triceps dips. People generally don’t prefer this exercise as they face difficulty in doing the dips. You can make use of the pull-up machine, which will allow you to have more dips. Once you start doing the dips, make sure you have the adaptations of 8 to 12 times.

This exercise hit both the chest and the triceps. Try to keep your body as vertical as possible and don’t lean much forward. This exercise will give you the best effect and shape of the triceps.

Bench dip

You can gain a sufficient amount of shape and triceps during the sustainable bench dip. This is also one of the best exercises for the triceps as the entire load of the body comes on the triceps. You can even add more weight further by keeping it on your lap.

If you are super tired of the entire workout, this exercise might not be the best as the shoulders are in a compromising position. If you want to do this workout, you need to be fresh and full of energy.


The triceps exercise gives a perfect look to the biceps. If you have the perfect and enough biceps and not have the triceps’ ideal shape; you might look unfit. Apart from the above three tips mentioned for the triceps, there are various other exercises available. You can always try them and get the best results.

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