Advanced Workout Routine For Men – Three Basic Exercises You Can Do Each Day

workout routine for men

Do you really need a workout routine for men? It’s a great time for you to begin working out and getting into shape. However, you don’t want to launch a routine that you can’t finish. If you’re not up to finishing your routine, then you’ll probably be very discouraged. Instead there are some great workout routines for men to get you started.

The bench press is a great workout routine for men to use because it uses so many muscles. For this reason, it’s important to alternate these two exercises so you don’t tire quickly. The two sets of reps for the bench press consists of sixteen reps for the upper body and eight reps for the lower body.

This workout routine for men calls for fifteen reps for the upper body on day one and four reps for the lower body on day two. That’s a total of twenty-four repetitions for the upper body and eight reps for the lower body. With this routine, you should alternate the days so you work your chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps, back, legs, calves, and forearms on one day and the other.

A great way to kick off the workout routine for men with big arms is to do two sets of dumbbell curls. Start with twelve dumbbells. Then move to a standing barbell with four reps. You should do the dumbbell curls for four sets to exhaustion, resting between each set for the arm on a seated calf raise.

These two workout routines for men will get you moving and maybe add some variety in your workouts. They will also firm and tone the arm muscles you are trying to develop. If you want to have the ultimate workout routine for men, you need to work your whole body.

The next step up in this ultimate workout routine for men is the reverse barbell curl. To do the reverse barbell curl, begin in the standing position. Place the dumbbells behind your neck and cross your arms so that your arms form a straight row. Then lower the dumbbells slowly to your side and repeat. Make sure to keep the weight on the opposite sides of your body at all times.

The advanced workout routine for men includes a lot more range of motion than the previous exercise. Instead of just performing the regular reverse barbell curl, you can do variations like lying leg curls or even a seated oblique curl. You can even use heavier weights if you prefer.

Bottom Line

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The advanced workout routine for men you’ve just designed should give you excellent gains in the core muscles of your body. After a couple of weeks of this type of workout routine you should begin to feel an increase in the size and firmness of your muscles. If possible, you should add a lifting level two or three pounds above what you were at before. You should also eat fewer calories each day than what you were before in order to further hasten the development of your new muscle mass.

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