All About Casting Rods Vs Spinning Rods: An In-Depth Analysis

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Fishing is one of the most enjoyable hobbies that typically consists of catching fishes using fishing rods and hooks and lines. Casting Rods and Spinning Rods are the two types of basic rods. If you’re new to the field of fishing choosing one of the two might prove to be quite tough for you. Here are a few differences between Casting Rods and Spinning Rods.

Casting Rods

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This has a reel seat that holds the spincast reel above the rod. While using this to catch a fish, the rod forming a u shape bends over and the guides move up and thus the fish cannot tear up the eyelets of the rod. This is particularly useful in catching big fishes such as salmon, flathead catfish and many others. Jigs and crankbaits which make for two of the best bass fishing lures are used more with casting rods than spinning rods. Greater fish catching accuracy can be achieved using these, even by beginners, as most come with the provision to perform fine-tuning on them. Texas-rigged worms, swimbaits, and jerkbaits are the most commonly used baits that are used with these. Baits need to have a proper weight to it so as to be attached with a bait-catching rig. Also, using baitcaster reels along with these lures is a great idea for dense covers.For beginners, it is suggested that you use a shorter casting rod that has been equipped with pistol grip handles and thus becomes much easier to use. 

Spinning Rods

In sharp contrast to Casting Rods, these spinning rods have the spinning reel below the rod and downward facing rod guides. This is not useful in catching a big fish, as the fish can easily pull off the eyelet. In order to catch big fishes like salmon and steelheads you need to have long heavy action rods and long grip handles. The primary advantage behind using these is that lures that are very light can be cast easily with it. The people who prefer to use topwater baits favour these as it’s the best way to go for surface baits. It’s very useful in casting very long while using very light baits, making them very easy to use. Thus, they are very commonly used in inshore and surf fishing.They’re available in a variety of sizes that help in catching a variety of fishes and so while buying a spinning rod, keep in mind the kind of fish you want to catch and purchase accordingly.

What To Choose

The major differences between Casting Rods and Spinning Rods lie in the reel type and the reel seat and guides. It’s useful to have knowledge of their differences  and it’ll help you to not confuse them with one another. After considering both the strengths and weaknesses of both the types it becomes evident that to be someone who excels in fishing it’s better to have both the equipment in your possession. As you will go on to increase your knowledge, you will easily be able to understand which combination works best for you. Although the casting rods are far superior than the spinning rods,it all comes down to the situation and your preference and what you feel most comfortable using.

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