Benefits Of Beginner Cardio Workout -

Benefits Of Beginner Cardio Workout

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Cardio exercises are done to increase the rate of our heart and also keeps it healthy. Beginner cardio workout can also be used to reduce weight. To keep our heart healthy is very important as it is the most important part of our body that pumps blood. These exercises also help to increase the oxygen supply in our body and also increases respiration. These exercises also improve one’s sleeping schedule and mental peace. Even the lungs and kidneys improve by doing these cardio exercises. 

  1. Cardio exercises help to improve our heart and also prevent us from certain heart diseases. 
  2. Cardio exercises are the best for those who have sugar problems. These exercises also help to control sugar levels in our blood and prevent us from diabetes. 
  3. It improves our brain and our thinking capacity. 
  4. Asthma is one of the most common problems related to the lungs. So, these cardio exercises are the most effective as it regulates blood supply in our body and helps a person to breathe properly. 
  5. Walking or jogging are very good to keep your body fit and your muscles and joints in movement. 
  6. Weight control is also another benefit of cardio exercises. Many people do these aerobic exercises just for their weight control like weight loss. 
  7. Small kids must also have a habit of doing these exercises. Beginner cardio workout will help them to stay fit and active from the beginning itself. 

Exercises For Beginner Cardio Workout

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  1. Walking or cycling- The first and the easiest beginner cardio workout that can be done anytime is walking. An early morning walk is the best way to keep yourself fresh and active. Cycling is another easy way to achieve the same benefit. Every beginner must start their exercise routine with walking. 
  2. High knees- Once you have made your walking or cycling routine, you must start doing some basic exercises that can be done in your home itself. Stand straight in such a position that your arms and legs are straight. Lift your left knee first and press it towards your chest. Then do the same with the right one. Repeat it 10 times. It will look as if you are running but you’re not. 
  3. Butt kicks- Now come the second exercise that is butt kicks. It is opposite to the high knees but the direction of the legs is different. You need to touch your heel to your butt and then do the same with the other. Continue doing it several times to pump your leg muscles. 
  4. Jumping jacks- This exercise is a full-body workout. Stand straight and bend your knees a little. Now start jumping so that your legs spread wider than your shoulders and lift your arms up and down. 
  5. Crab walk- It is both an exercise and a fun activity. Lay down on the floor with your face facing the ceiling and place your hands on the floor. Get up a bit and bend your knees and lift your hips. Then in this position start walking with the help of your arms and legs. Continue repeating the exercise for some time. 
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So, this was a list of some beginner cardio workout which you can do at your home to keep yourself fit. 


This article was all about the benefits of a beginner cardio workout and the exercises that you can do to maintain your health. You must make a routine of doing exercise every day to keep yourself and your family fit and healthy. 

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