Best Spinning Rods in the World So Far

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Here are two of the worlds best spinning rods chosen after trying various new ones launched this year and even comparing with the few older ones.

Lew’s Pro-Ti Speed Stick

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Finding a great spinning rod, one with that “just right” feel paired with unparalleled performance, is arguably the holy grail for spinning enthusiasts. The Lew’s Pro-Ti offers anglers as close to the perfect rod for manipulating finesse baits as we’ve found.

The 6-foot-9-inch multi-layered graphite blank utilizes titanium nanotechnology to transfer bait data back to the user with remarkable fidelity. This nearly verbatim transmission of vibration signals is due to the crispness of the blank.

An incredibly crisp blank, responsive tip and ergonomic grip made the Lew’s Pro-Ti Speed Stick a stand-out. (Photo by Scott Bernarde)

The Winn Dri-Tac grip, one fashioned after the old Tennessee-style grips, is phenomenal—hands down the best in the spinning market. Its unique design completely shrouds the reel foot, letting the angler concentrate on working a finesse bait while minimizing that hand-full-of-reel-seat distraction.

The Pro-Ti blank tapers perfectly to a lively tip that allows bait manipulation with unmatched meticulousness. This ability to direct finesse baits like an artist’s brush leads to more fish in the box when the bite tightens. The stout lower third of the blank hammers hooks home no matter the length of line connecting them to the fish below.

Bottom Line: The Lew’s Pro-Ti Speed Stick is a must-add rod for avid anglers who enjoy probing the depths with light-lined, micro-finesse baits.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Carbon

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The Ugly Stik from Shakespeare has been an angling mainstay for decades. It’s affinity for withstanding all but the biggest catastrophes is well-documented. In fact, multiple generations of anglers have fished these rods and enjoyed their rough-and-tumble persona.

The test team was impressed by not only the Shakespeare Ugly Stik Carbon’s tough build, but also its sensitivity and price.

The new Ugly Stik Carbon is a drastic departure from the old design, however. The new model features a 24-ton-graphite, radially-wrapped, one-piece blank. The blank provides good sensitivity and superior hoop strength without the brittleness found in higher modulus blanks.

The Carbon’s skeletonized reel seat offers direct access to the rod with the grip hand. (Photo by Scott Bernarde)

Our medium-fast rod was rated for 6- to 12-pound-test; however, we found it fished up to 17-pound monofilament without breaking a sweat. This is due in part to the eight one-piece, single-foot guides that carry oversized Fuji rings. The guides’ large inner diameters accommodate all types of lines, from monofilament and fluorocarbon to braids, without worry, adding to the Carbon’s considerable versatility.

The Carbon’s skeletonized reel seat offers direct access to the rod with the grip hand. This, along with the improved blank, increases sensitivity on a rod previously known exclusively for its nearly indestructible nature. The lure keeper has been pushed up the blank, letting fishermen who opt for a far-forward rod grip to get great purchase without interference from the hook hanger.

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