Cardio Workouts – Pacing Yourself During Your HIIT Program

hiit spinning

HIIT Spinning is an extremely popular and engaging class for all levels and fitness levels. The class mixes the advantages you get from a traditional spinning class, with the additional benefit of other workouts mixed into the routine. This style of cycling training involves high-intensity interval (HIIT) sessions. HIIT spurs the cardiovascular system, building long-term stamina and strength.

The basic idea behind HIIT interval training is that you use longer periods of high-intensity exercise with shorter periods of low-intensity exercise. You use longer exercises (interval training) to up your heart rate, which helps you burn more calories. The idea is that you “switch off” your body for a short time during the high-intensity session, then “turn back on” your body again during the low-intensity exercise. By alternating these sessions, you allow your muscles to fully recover and build new functions. This is how you can achieve a much more efficient and effective workout.

HIIT Spinning

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You may wonder why it is important to do interval or HIIT cycling. It’s important because of the principle behind it. As mentioned above, when you do a HIIT session, you “turn off” your body for a short period of time and then “turn back on” your body again for another short period of time. But the principle is that when you do this over again, your body begins to adapt by replacing the energy used during the exercise with energy consumed during the “turn back” session. This results in a much more effective overall workout in less time than it would take if you were doing steady-state cycling exercises.

The way to “turn off” your body and “turn back on” your body is simple – you talk to yourself while on a cycling exercise. When you first start doing interval workouts, you will be required to speak very fast, very loud, very fast, and very wordy things. This is the point where your “self-talk” enters the picture. Your HIIT session will help you to adjust the way you speak to yourself so that you are more relaxed and focused.

Cardio Workouts

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You may find it helpful to read aloud what you are saying, even though you know that you are not supposed to. It will help you to adjust your mindset and to become more focused. In a short 20-minute bike workout using HIIT exercises, it is not unusual for people to talk continuously, with very little to say. And, as you progress, you will find that you want to say a lot more, but at the same time, you will need to say less. In other words, in order to adjust your speaking and your pacing to work for your high-intensity interval workouts, you simply need to practice saying fewer words but longer sentences.

There is another reason that you need to adapt your pace to that of your perceived heart rate, and this is because your perceived heart rate is likely to decrease during your workout. That is especially true if you were doing very intense interval training hours ago. Because of that, the perceived heart rate is likely to drop. If, on the other hand, you had been doing a moderate high-intensity interval training session hours ago, your perceived heart rate may have actually increased. Therefore, you need to pace yourself accordingly.

HIIT Program

Another reason that you should pace yourself during your HIIT session is that you may become tired. In other words, if you have been doing an intense cardio workout of a moderate length on a non-interval basis, it may be possible for you to run out of energy rather quickly. In other words, you will probably require more energy than you normally require to complete a well-performed aerobic exercise. And, as you age, you tend to become less efficient at using your energy (as a result, you become more tired quicker). So, in this case, it makes sense to follow a HIIT program with an extended recovery period in order to allow you to recuperate fully before starting your next session.

Summing Up

Lastly, you should also use words like “I,” “me,” “my,” and “our” in your HIIT workout. Why? Well, in order to get the maximum benefit from your HIIT sessions, you want to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. By using “I” or “me” or “our” in your sentences, you push your mind away from what you are doing and force yourself to think about something else, something that you will enjoy. Furthermore, this will help you to become more alert to what you are doing and to feel more energized during your workout.

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