Complete Cardio and Core Workout Routine

cardio and core workout

There are different types of workouts a person can do for fitness. These types are commonly done by people according to their liking and preferences. Below is a list of some common workout types.

2-3 High Intensity Resistance Training sessions a week

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High intense resistance training can do wonders to your body. This one is also the latest fitness trend. As your life gets busier, you need to keep the muscles in your body stimulated in order to stay strong and lean. This form of exercise includes 8 to 10 strength exercises which are done slowly. Your instructor will advise you to start from glutes and then move on to the smaller parts such as arms and obliques.

Strength Training

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Strength training workouts help you increase your muscle mass and also increase your metabolism. The more lean muscle you have, the more calories you burn during the day, even when a person is resting. Along with reduced muscle and loss of strength, you face weight gain issues after a certain age. Strength training helps to maintain your muscle mass and not put on empty calories. Strength building exercises prevent the onset of severe muscle loss. Resistance exercise is the best for building muscles. You can start by using only your body weight as resistance and then gradually add weights as you feel yourself getting stronger. 


Pilates is one of the most trending forms of workout today. It is a full-body workout which helps you improve your flexibility and strength. 


Adding interval training, i.e. slow-fast-slow in the exercise pattern helps to improve the heart’s ability to beat at a higher rate for longer durations. Running greatly helps to combat the declining nerve receptors and boost overall heart health. 


Swimming proves to be an excellent exercise to build endurance. As you swim, you allow more oxygenated blood to your muscles and hence they work more and grow. 

Any form of workout helps you a great deal once you have crossed a certain age. What is most important was to remove that precious one hour from your schedule everyday and engage in some form of workout without fail. This is the greatest investment you would be doing for yourself for your later years. Before beginning any form of exercise, you need to first do some stretches. As you age, the tendons in the arms, core and legs slowly lose their elasticity. Those who have desk jobs for longer durations are often at a greater risk as their work limits their range of motion. A warm up before you begin any other form of exercise is crucial. By stretching, you can introduce your bones and muscles to movements that you don’t generally experience. This improved flexibility makes other forms of exercise easier to do and lowers the risk of injury. If you get into any intense form of workout without warming up your muscles, you may end up with a crack or tear or some greater injury. 

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