High Intensity Workouts at Home – How to Do a Hiit Workout at Home

hiit workout at home

Are you trying to find a HIIT workout that works? It’s easy to find one. A 30 minute full body HIIT workout you could do anyplace, no special equipment required. HIIT workouts are the ultimate method to burn fat, increase your metabolic rate and improve cardio stamina. Get started right now!

HIIT workouts require high intensity interval training. HIIT exercises work your muscles by eliciting an extreme amount of rapid heart rate. The workout consists of short bursts of high intensity exercise followed by a period of rest. This is called interval training. Many people do not consider this a workout because they think it is too intense.

If you have ever done a good job of working out then you probably know that interval training is effective. HIIT workouts require many intervals of high intensity exercise followed by a long period of rest. The body will rest between intervals. You need to perform the set of exercises again, with as few rest periods as possible. That’s why it is called “interval training”.

Some of the exercises that you will perform during a HIIT workout at home include, but are not limited to, running, walking, jumping, cycling and swimming. To make sure you are doing the exercises correctly, I suggest doing them in this order: run, walk, jump, cycle, jump, swim. That’s how you perform the intervals correctly.

An Overview

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You should try to complete your entire HIIT workout within eight minutes. That means you need to complete one complete cycle of each of the four sets of exercises listed above. That means you will burn about 90 seconds of time. Of course you need to adjust these periods of time up or down depending upon your fitness level.

After your hiit workout at home, don’t forget to consume lots of water. Water helps you to stay hydrated which is important for any exercise plan. It also flushes out the carbon dioxide that is created during the exercises which can be harmful if you happen to breath too much. After your workout is finished, don’t forget to drink lots of water. This can also help you to achieve the desired weight and calorie goal.

Now let’s discuss about the arms and legs. One of the main benefits of a HIIT workout at home is the intensity of the exercise which is achieved by the pounding of the legs and arms. You can feel the resistance as you push your arms and legs in each direction. That is the reason they become very sore after a few days of doing the same HIIT training program. That is why you have to give them enough rest so that the muscles can heal properly and become stronger after a few weeks of being overworked. The best way to do this is to divide your daily 30 minutes workout into four intervals of thirty minutes each.

High Intensity Workout At Home

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In order to get the best results from your hiit workout at home, make sure you perform exercises with both the hands and legs. There are many machines that allow you to do so but I suggest you use dumbbells as this provides more resistance and is easier on the joints. You should do at least ten sets of fifteen reps with the dumbbells as this will give you excellent results.

After completing a full round of both the upper and lower arm dumbbell presses, you should move to the next exercise which is the fly. To do the fly, place your feet one shoulder apart, bend your knees and then extend your arms out towards the sides, keeping your elbows straight. Make sure your body remains still during the entire exercise. Your next hiit workout at home should be performed with ten intervals, each lasting about two minutes.

For the next four intervals, alternate between the upper and lower arm dumbbell presses while you simultaneously perform kicks. Kick the legs in both directions for two seconds before switching to the other side, kick the legs in the opposite direction for two seconds before going back to the starting position. Do sixteen kicks, holding each one for three seconds before switching to the other side. This hiit workout at home should be completed with about forty two seconds of rest. At the end, switch to the next interval and do it again. The total duration of your hiit workout at home should be about one minute twenty five seconds.

Your final high intensity workouts should include some power movements, such as squats, lunges and calf raises. Squats are an excellent way to improve your running performance, while lunges work on your leg strength. Calf raises are great for leg development and developing your abdominals. These are the basic exercises that you should include in your final set of high intensity workouts at home. Once you complete this set of workouts, your body should be warmed up, glycated and energized.

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