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fitness classes

Fitness classes have been a part of our society for a long time, but they were mainly for athletes and those who wanted to get fit. Nowadays, fitness classes are open to everyone because gyms have transformed from being places where people go to lift weights and hit the treadmill into places where people socialize as well as work out. One of these new kinds of fitness classes in Zumba Fitness. In the past 10 years, Zumba has exploded in popularity and has become one of the most popular fitness programs out there with over 19 million attendees at over 55,000 events worldwide every week!

New York: SoulCycle

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SoulCycle in New York is the unique indoor cycling strategy that will help you prevent and fight the negative and unhealthy effects that can arise from a sedentary life. It is an essential part of maintaining low body fat, high energy levels, and improved health.

#1: Schedule yourself for 30 minutes twice daily

#2: Choose one SoulCycle class for each day so you don’t get bored with the same workout every day

#3: Review their referral program which offers $10 off your first class when someone takes advantage of your referral link!

Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp

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This is a butt whooping class with an amazing view. For the 2.2 miles of the iconic bridge, you will be able to step up on the benches and do push-ups on the cemented walls. One of the most important points to note is that you should sign up for the 6:30 am class and enjoy the breathtaking view of sunrise while exercising. 

RealRyder Inferno

Picture indoor cycling but on a bike so you can lean into twisting trails or carve deep turns down mountainsides. It’s a style of riding that is so much easier on your body because it mimics the natural movements of cycling – with fluid, full-body movements and minimal impact on your joints. The RealRyder flywheel also means you need less force to pedal, making it safer for anyone who wants to get fit but can’t afford to be injured.

Miami: DanceStreetLab

The music of Miami, the Latin rap, or the salsa dance will be taught to you. You don’t have to be Shakira to show your exquisite moves. Here you will be taught dancing and work out slowly till you can master the one-hour class. 

The Bar Method

This is an hour-long total body workout where your legs will shake and quiver. But you do not need to fight it and shaking legs suggest that you are toning and this routine does work. You will surely lose few pounds and change your dress size.


Fitness classes are the best if you are looking to lose weight. You can get in shape, stay in shape, or improve your fitness with this convenient form of exercise. It’s easy to see why so many people are turning to fitness classes instead of gyms.  

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