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Spinning Bird Feeder Vs Droll Yankees Flipper

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This is because it is more difficult to pull a squirrel out of a squirrel-proofing device than it is to lure a bird into the device. On top of that, squirrels can easily eat up a very large amount of birdseed on a spinning bird feeder, taking over the feeder leaving birds unable to feed.

This is why every good quality outdoor spinning bird feeder should have a squirrel-proof component. The secret is in the design. A rotating droll yankees makes it impossible for squirrels to get to the seed. A five pounds. rotating droll yank is not the only solution, though.

They Will Still Eat From A Perch

A hummingbird flying

Spinning feeder birds require different feeding methods than their backyard friends. Some birds, like the red-winged blackbird, will eat from any platform; while other birds, like the blue-winged teal ooka, will prefer a perch over the ground. They will still eat from a perch, but a squirrel-proof feeder allows them to reach it. For example, if the bird’s cage is on top of a sturdy branch, it is usually fine. However, if the cage is on a sturdy perch, such as a cedar or redwood post, it might need a weight to keep it on its perch.

The design of squirrel-proof bird feeders is designed to allow any size and weight of seed to be dropped into it, whether the platform is a perch, rock, etc. There are even some that are made so the door opens electronically so it can be opened quickly if needed. There are even some that open with a key. These doors make feeding more convenient because they can be opened rapidly.

The Smallest Birds Can Still Get To The Seed

A small bird perched

The problem with squirrel-proof bird feeders is that sometimes the smallest birds can still get to the seed. This is especially true if the platform is very close to a perch. In order to prevent squirrels from gaining access to the seed, consider removing some of the perches in your spinning squirrel proof bird feeders. Alternatively, consider removing parts of the platform.

The next thing to consider when making your own squirrel-proof bird feeder is the size of the opening. If you’re going to make a bigger one, make sure to add larger perches and maybe a little larger doors or windows. Also, some people will put their feeders on poles, which can also provide some challenge for birds. Try a few different pole styles to see what might work best.

The Droll Yankees Flipper

The spinning bird feeder reviewed here – the Droll Yankees Flipper is by all measures an excellent choice for keeping squirrels away from your seed. It’s small enough that it’s fairly easy to keep out of the way, yet large enough to handle a squirrel or two comfortably. One reviewer found the ease of the cleaning makes the device almost unnecessary, as he can simply take it apart to wash it. The one reviewer who said that the droll flipper isn’t particularly user friendly, might not have used it as thoroughly as he could have. However, he did find that he liked the way it looked, and certainly thought that it was sturdy and stable.


The bottom line is, the best squirrel-proof bird feeding feeders aren’t always necessarily the ones with the biggest size. In many cases, they’re just as effective as the smaller models. So choose wisely, and pick the right one for your situation. You might even find that the smallest one will work best in your yard. Keep in mind that there are many variables to consider when it comes to choosing a good model. But if you’re willing to spend some time evaluating your options, you’ll soon have the product you want, at a price you can afford!

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