The Best Gym Workout Routine For You -

The Best Gym Workout Routine For You

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A simple gym workout routine is an essential part of your fitness plan. It not only keeps you healthy, but it also helps you build muscle and lose fat. So do a few workouts that target specific areas every single day. Here are some simple guidelines to follow when choosing a routine.

Decide The Type Of Gym Workout Routine You Want

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First, decide which type of gym workout routine you want. Are you targeting muscle development or strength? Is a five-day workout routine designed to rebuild your cardio and improve your stamina or build more muscle and lose fat? Once you know what your goals are, you can design a program that will be effective for your goals. Here are some tips to help you choose the right gym workout routine designed for your needs.

When you are selecting a gym workout routine, you should pay close attention to your body’s structure and composition. Do you have a lot of small bulky muscle groups like quads and pectorals? Or are you more of a flat back and shoulders person? Either way, you should know that a full body workout routine that works several smaller muscle groups is far more effective than a routine that works just a few big muscle groups. Also, keep in mind that all types of muscle groups need recovery time between workouts.

Find A Routine That Best Works Your Upper Body And Legs

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Next, you should find a routine that best works your upper body and legs. Most people focus on their lower body and just their guts when it comes to strength training. But the truth is your quads and hip muscles need to be involved in every exercise. They are the ones responsible for gliding smoothly across the floor in all kinds of sports. So if you don’t include them in your strength training routine, you are leaving your legs up to chance.

The best routine usually involves five to seven full-body exercises and a variety of cardio workouts. The exercises should target each section of your body. For example, your chest needs to be worked with presses, dips, lateral raises, and dumbbell presses. Your back also needs to be flexed and stretched so make sure you include deadlifts, squats, lunges, and pull ups into your strength training routine. And finally, your forearms and biceps need to be worked with curls and extensions.

Do Some Interval Type Sessi

As far as cardio workouts go, make sure you are doing some interval type sessions so your body has an intense aerobic workout combined with functional strength training. A good workout routine should always start by warming up and ending with a cool down period. You should also try to increase the intensity of your workout routine as your goals are reached. You don’t want to work out too hard right away but still see some positive results.

Last Words

A great way to kick off a HIIT session is with a warm-up of the core muscles followed by elevated cardiovascular activity such as jogging or cycling. Then, they can perform their main compound exercises, which should be performed for four to five minutes, then cool down with a minute or two of cardiovascular activity, depending on their goals. They should try to increase their intensity and stretch out their cardiovascular muscles for at least twenty minutes. A great way to stretch those muscles is by doing leg lifts using either a step or a medicine ball. Then, they can do light resistance or high tension exercises for another twenty minutes. For the final ten minutes, they can perform cardio workout routines or do light weights or high reps for another ten minutes to wrap up their session.

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