Vintage Spinning Top Toy - An Old Time Classic With A Modern Twist -

Vintage Spinning Top Toy – An Old Time Classic With A Modern Twist

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What to do: Have you ever played with such a toy before? Think of all other things you’ve observed spinning or revolving around in your household. Perhaps you’ve made a toy like that for your children. Now it’s time to build your very own design!

Making Of Vintage Spinning Toy

Start with a round plastic disc of any consistency. Next, line the bottom of the disc up on the outside edges. You can use large or small nails or screws of varying sizes to fasten the edges to the toy material. If you’re using nails or screws, remember to keep your children from poking their fingers into the spinning tops made with tin can material.

To make your spinning top more realistic, try to make it out of wood. Cut pieces of dowel wood to approximate the same size as your toy can be, and twist them together. If you don’t have wood, try modeling hot-glued Styrofoam balls instead. Modeling the dowels in sand-sized particles will give them a little texture, similar to clay.

Know The Fun Part

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Now comes the fun part! Cut holes in the top of the wooden spinning toy so that you can hang it from a hook. Make sure your hook is adjustable so that you can let your child spin it as far as they want. If the toy is not easily suspended, attach it to a sturdy rope or wire. If you’re going to try this project with a vintage tin spinning toy, we recommend that you find and buy a replica of this item from the USA.

Once you have your spinning top toy in place, you can begin the fun design process. For our project, we wanted to create a design that would represent our family’s travels. We chose a spinning top that matched both our daughter’s first bike seat and her dad’s motorcycle seat. After cutting all of the holes for the wheels and the handle, we placed the spinner inside of the seat. The old fabric from the original seat was sewn onto the front of the spinner. We then used the white vinyl basting to completely cover the whole inside of the seat.

Next, we used the vintage material we found to complete our design. We sewed beads onto the front, and we found several hooks at the edge of the toy that were perfectly positioned to catch the beads we were using. We also found vintage buttons and a zipper to complete the design. When completed, our toy looked like it had actually been sitting in our grandparents’ kitchen during the Great Depression!

Decorate Your Toy

Now it is time to decorate your toy. You can do this by painting the front of the toy, if you wish. If you are using a metal spinning top, paint the front with a metal silver tone. If you use the original wood material, paint the front with a dark brown color. Use pin backs to hold everything in place, and add some vintage buttons and zippers to finish. For a really neat effect, you can even drape some vintage fabric over the metal top so that it looks like it is part of the furniture.


These are just a few ideas for decorating your vintage spinning tops. If you are a real vintage fan, you will find that these are some of the best vintage toys you can get. They look beautiful and they perform beautifully as well. All you need is a little creativity and a lot of imagination to make one yourself. The spinning tops truly are a classic toy that children love to play with.

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